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Memory Loss is Hard
But it’s not the end.

We provide second to none Alzheimer’s and memory loss care in Corpus Christi by memorizing your loved one’s life history and offering them a loving human touch at least once an hour.

What Makes Thrive Different

Life History

Worried your loved one will be lost in the crowd? Forget about it. We memorize each of our resident’s life history to offer intimate, personalized care and attention.

Hug Rotations

Afraid your loved one will be left alone or neglected by a memory care home? Not on our watch. We offer our residents a loving human touch at least once an hour.

Memory Care

We don’t just offer memory care, we exclusively specialize in it. This means we are singularly focused on offering the best possible memory care to our residents.

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Our Admissions Counselor is a social worker, not a salesperson.

Sit down with Chelsea. She’s dedicated and caring.

Thrive’s Leadership Team

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We care for your loved one
like a wonderful mother
cares for her child.

memory care team

We’ve helped countless suffering families. We can help you too.

Admission to Thrive in 3 easy steps

Thrive Easy Admissions

Admission to Thrive in 3 easy steps

Schedule your “no strings attached” tour today.

Tour Thrive with our admissions counselor, Chelsea.

If we’re a fit, we’ll guide you through admissions.
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